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The following are sites that we are working on presently or have recently completed.
Updated June 14, 2021

Times have been tough for many during this Covid-19 Pandamic :(. With many of you at home with your business closed, they have had extra time on their hands for updates. Many of our customers have been getting some revamping or updating completed on their sites.

If you're interested in getting some changes completed on your site, give us a shout at

Victim Services of Timmins Ontario
Northern Fields - This site will have a shore as well as sell wholesale.
Kohut Electric - one of our long standing clients getting a new look!
Temiskaming Footcare - Site now completed!
- They provide Chiropody services to Temiskaming Shores and the surrounding communities. If you are dealing with foot pain, diabetes, warts, problematic nails, or you just want preventative care, then give them a shout!
Laframboise Drilling Inc - Site now completed!
Mother Earth est - Englehart, Ont
Dovincort Farms - Site now completed!
R/T Custom Design - Kenabeek ON - Site now completed!
Ontario Door Services - Site now completed!
Don Adshead Trucking - Site now completed!
Dickson Appraisals, Sudbury, Ont - Site now completed!

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