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  • This is the #1 question asked, it's also the most difficult one to answer. Because each client is unique, the costs are always different. The best way to get a quote is to give us a shout Let us know the following in an email:

    1.Will you be maintaining the site or us? (this makes a difference in pricing)
    2. Please provide us a list of the categories your site will have including the type of content. Example: about us, contact us, our product.
    3. Do you already have an existing site and want us to update it or design a new look?
    Once we receive your information, we can send you an estimate of what the costs will be.

  • Web hosting is your presence on the Internet. It is where your unique domain name is located and where you store your web files, allowing access to your site 24/7. The hosting is only available to clients.

This is used to make marketing much easier. Example, if you were to host a site on quaker parrots with us, the address would be: Whereas, if you purchase a domain name it could be: Much easier to use on a business cards etc.

Yes, in some cases, you can. We do not however assistance with setting up emails or technical issues with your computer though. That is the responsibility of your in-house IT people.
There are times we set up emails for customers with their domain names. We create a quota for each email, generally no more then 500mb. It is the users responsibility to keep their email clean. Creating sub folders etc in your email program and dumping emails in there is the same as keeping them in your inbox. You must delete emails you are done with, especially ones with attachments. Save the attachments to your hard-drive and delete the email. Then save the senders email address to your address book.

When we quote a website, we try to gather as much info about the site as possible, from how many categories, what type of content etc. Then we quote based on the time it will take to achieve this. If you decide after payment you want other features that were not discussed, it is NOT included in the orginal price.

All websites, logos, slides, galleries etc include 2 proofs/changes. If more changes are required, we start an hourly rate. As well, once a site proof or any other project has been approved/confirmed and then completed or close to completed, there is an hourly rate involved if you require changes.

This would be great if we could this so easily, but like any other career, you don't just sit down for one hour and then be able to update your site all on your own. There is a lot of knowledge to be learned like any other career. When you go to your mechanic to fix your car, do you ask him to teach you how so next time you don't need to go to the garage? It's the same thing ;) But we do however, have options available for clients with no coding experience to update their sites. Give us a shout to find out more.

We do barter on occasion if the product is something we can use. HOWEVER, we do not give discounted prices, we have bills too ;) We definitely NEVER do free. There are yearly costs that come from our pocket that need to be covered.

Yes you can. We use paypal, which is free. The only cost requirements will be the set-up of each product connected to paypal for your site.

No, we do not write your content. Because we are not aware of your business/product etc, it would be impossible for us to do so. All content must be provided by the client in eletronic format. We can however give you ideas for categories etc compared to other companies selling the same product.

It is not included in your original price. We do not spell check content unless hired to do so.

NO! We will NEVER update a client's site unless we've been given instruction to do so by the client only. (the person we dealt with originally to create the site). If updates are requested by other staff etc, we must get a confirmation by the client first before procedding.

NO, we prefer one person chosen to send us changes. We've had situations where a staff contacts us for a deletion or change and it was not requested by the owner.

With technology changing everyday, coding changes and how people look at websites changes. The biggest change is a lot of people are using mobile devices. If you had a site created with us before the past year, chances are, it's outdate and not mobile friendly. The good news is, all existing clients will get a GREAT DEAL if they decide they want to update their site.

You do, once it's completed and paid in full. There are some stipulations if you change designers etc. We have a policy package we send all new clients that explains everything you need to know.

Once your site is completed and uploaded, it can take up to six months, sometimes more, before the search engines will find your site. In the initial creation of your site, we search engine ready your pages and submit your site to the top engines. In most cases, your site will start to appear in a few months. For a hourly fee, Internet WebDeZines can work with your site in more depth for search engines if you are not satisfied with the results.
Do be careful of companies claiming they can get you a number one position guaranteed.

On occasion, other companies do contact our clients and try to convince them they have better prices, better service and so on. Web Design is a competitive business. There are many great designers and there are many not so great designers. The way we see it, if another company has to cut-throat to gain clients, then they can't be too honest to start with.
It's really a personal choice and we would be glad to answer any questions if such an incident were to arise. We strive to offer the most affordable, and effective Internet Marketing we can and we do it because we love our work! We also do this 24/7, it is our full-time living.
If you have additional questions, please E-mail: or call toll free (705)-642-6392.

Unfortunately, no. This includes yearly renewals, any invoicing, website fees etc. Even if you renew your site and then change your mind and move on to a new company.

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